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“ENCUENTRO URBANO +”. Red Academica Ciudad meets All4tech


 Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana.

October 20th. 14h00-16h00. Room R17


After several meetings with representatives of the eleven academic institutions of Quito, the 8th of March of 2016 the “ Letter of compromise and alliances for the city’s research” was signed. This letter comes up in the context of the preparation of Quito as host city of Habitat III. In conversation with the delegates, series of intentions and own events were identified towards Habitat III. Historically, Quito’s universities  have worked in their projects of research in their own way. It has produced duplicity of information and vain efforts due to the lack of awareness of the state of the art of consolidated projects. This “endogamy” extends also to  the interaction with other schools or institutions involved in the city’s research from other disciplines.

Therefore, the need to socialize investigations with contributions to the science of the city was recognised, and also the need to join efforts in one local agenda towards Habitat III. This lead will be the causative to generate academic spaces that transcend the institutions through a posture of knowledge management of the city’s science  instituting a network of local researchers which until now didn’t exist. So, in this way a Standing Commitee of delegates for the “RED ACADÉMICA PARA ESTUDIOS DE CIUDAD” (Academic network for city’s research) is established. The network is formed by:

  • Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales: Research Centre of Public Policies and Territory
  • Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador: Faculties: Architecture, Human Sciences and Jurisprudence
  • Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar: Curso Avanzado de Intervención en el Patrimonio Edificado
  • Universidad Central del Ecuador: Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Universidad de las Américas: Faculty of Architecture
  • Universidad Internacional del Ecuador: Faculty of Architecture
  • Universidad Internacional SEK: Faculty of Architecture and Engineering
  • Universidad Politécnica Salesiana: Carrer of Local Development
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito: School of Architecture and Interior Design
  • Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial: Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Each one of the institutions has committed to be the host of one “URBAN MEETING” which consists in a presentation of research or projectual lines in which they are focused. It will be complemented with a roundtable about the role of the academy in the discussion and implementation of the new Urban Agenda. “ENCUENTRO URBANO +” during the Habitat III Conference will be the  closing event of these previous conversations.

As an additional contribution to strengthen the local network, we will receive contributions from some members of “Alliance4Tech”, a strategic network funded by Centrale Supélec de Paris, Politecnico di Milano, Technische Universität Berlin and University College London aiming at the creation of a European Campus without borders for their students and faculties. Thanks to the synergy between  Red Academica Ciudad and Alliance4Tech, “Encuentro Urbano +” will give the opportunity to open new research horizons by exploring which links join European and Latin American cities and discussing the latest achievements in Urban Studies reached by each university.


  1. Habitat III is the pretext for the making of our long term academic network, a conceptual framework that have its cornerstones in “Encuentros Urbanos +”, twenty yearly international seminars (until Habitat IV). The network participants agree to partake actively in these seminars and to present here the outcomes of their research. “Encuentros Urbanos +” are a quinquennial cycle of seminar, four hosted by Ecuadorean or Latin American University and one by a European University. In order to make effective the process, it is constituted a Standing Committee. Locally, “Red Académica Ciudad” will arrange an annual urban meeting.
  2. Generate an academic critical mass of dialogue and debate on the issues set out in the New Urban Agenda, with particular reference to relations between Latin American and European metropolitan areas. It has been drawn that this network must be as multidisciplinary as possible: despite the strong presence of Faculties of Architecture, the effort to contrast the different points of view of diverse disciplines of knowledge is remarkable. At the center of the interests of the network it plays a vital role the planning dimension of the research programs discussed and proposed.
  1. We aim to draft a conceptual note setting out the conclusions the preliminalry “Urban Meetings”. After the discussion, this draft can convert into a programmatic manifesto for the subsequent five-year research cycles. Regarding the preliminar urban meetings, each one of them will be registered in the blog specifically created for the network:


Thematic Area 3: Spatial Development

Thematic Area 5: Urban Ecology and Environment


Our network joins intra and interinstitutional collaborations, in order to provide an implementation of the New Urban Agenda. It is based on an extensive academic involvement, considering the university as a place of knowledge production where urbanization, development and resilience are studied in correlation one to each other.

Intrainstitutionally, the need of intern networks was seen, in order to avoid the loss of complex views. From the interinstitutional non academic perspective, an apolitical network is established, that pretends to link up the public and private sectors for the execution of projects that have been forgotten because of these missing links.


The academic community that makes up our network has students of different ages (from 18 years old onwards) and guarantee inclusion in terms of gender. “Encuentro Urbano +” is open to:

  • Teachers of the 11 + 4 Ecuadorean and European academic institutions, not excluding teachers from other academic institutions interested in the meeting.
  • Students of 11 + 4 Ecuadorean and European academic institutions, not excluding students from other academic institutions interested in the meeting.
  • Students and Teachers from other academic institutions
  • Professionals from public entities
  • Professionals from private entities
  • Civil society in general

Furthermore, the preliminary “Encuentros Urbanos” are creating expectancy in the academic community. Communication Departments of each university are responsible for the diffusion. A Twitter account and a blog have been created.


The Academic Network is interested in sharing knowledge and fostering a debate around urban issues. A record of attendance will be compiled during each preliminary Encuentro Urbano, for ensuring the diversity of attendees and the constant presence of the delegates of the 11 involved institutions. These meetings aim at refining the format of the “Encuentro Urbano +”. Along the last one, we have agreed the launch of the first quinquennial cycle agenda in order to strengthen the long-term network.


English and Spanish. Encuentros Urbanos + will have support from the Faculty of Applied Language of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.